Downtown Pittsburgh

Here is a photo I took today when I decided to see what downtown Pittsburgh is like. I really didn’t venture out of my car but I loved how there are hills everywhere to race my rental car up and down on. I wish I could have taken this photo at night but it doesn’t get dark here until around 9PM and I have a flight to get on early tomorrow morning.

I bought a hat too as a souvenir and it looks pretty sweet. I don’t know when I’ll be back so I thought I’d get a memento. I only bought a memento at one other place so far out of all my clients but that’s because I went to a game. I didn’t like anything in Houston or Memphis enough to get a hat but the Penguin’s are a decent team so I picked up a hat. I won’t wear it often but it didn’t cost a lot anyway so its all good.

It’s time for bed, I have more pics of Pittsburgh but its mostly just city scape pics. I begin my 4th of July vacation on Friday and there will be quite a few pics from that when I come back on Monday.

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