Hail in Dallas

I’m still here in Dallas, I’m not going home until tomorrow and I’m going to wake up super early to try and get on the 5:35PM flight home to Ft. Lauderdale since I’m booked on the 6:40PM flight. It’s only an hour difference but at least I’ll be back a bit earlier.

Anyway, there is a huge hail storm in Dallas this evening. It’s all over the news and everything and the Weather Underground site shows this huge swath of purple (thats a bad thing) on the radar map. I can even hear the hail hitting the windows of my hotel room which is pretty neat. To the south, the hail is supposed to be the size of golf balls which is pretty impressive in my book. I don’t think I’ll see any come this way and if I do it’ll probably be because it smashed my windows in or something.

Unfortunately,the storm killed my TV so I have nothing to watch right now. The free internet that I’m borrowing from some fool that didn’t secure his network is super slow so I can’t even watch stuff online right now either. I am downloading a new IM client thats supposed to be super slick. If its slick enough, it might have a home on my computer in my office. I’m going to test it on my work computer and see how things go.

Anyway, hopefully the storm passes quickly and my cable is restored. I’m getting kinda bored just sitting here with nothing to listen to or watch……


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