Catching up on FOAMY

I’ve blogged about Foamy before but its been a long time since I’ve actually seen it online since I’ve been busy. For those of you that don’t know about Foamy, go look it up on YouTube. I swear its some of the most hysterical stuff that I’ve ever seen. There is the old staple of that shows all the new stuff but if you want to go waaaaaaay back you have to hit up They have the most extensive archive of Foamy vids anywhere on the net.

There are some other cartoons that I deem pretty good that my wife and others have found. Some are good and some are ok. Strongbad is pretty decent, there are a few that stand out that I can’t get enough of. Of course there is always Happy Tree Friends, thats just violence taken to a whole new level but good lord its funny. I especially enjoy the one thats setup like a music video for Fall Out Boy.

I need to start finding more entertainment online. There’s always episodes of TV shows I never see online but finding the time to watch them is still challenging. I’m feeling creative, might be time for another blog post about something totally random.


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