Career Books

I’m an avid book reader but mostly I read science fiction stuff because I’m a geek like that but thats besides the point. I decided to look around at some other sections of the book store besides the usual areas like the science fiction, travel, and comic sections that I normally hit up. I decided to hit up the career section since I am a person that has recently changed careers from doing regular IT work to being an IT Consultant. I normally go to Barnes and Noble or Borders for my book needs (I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on books over the years) and I was surprised that there weren’t that many books on the different types of careers that one can go into. I found a lot of books about being an Entrepreneur, getting into business (like that isn’t broad), or nursing. There were also a lot of things about changing careers or trying to make your career better but not really anything about an actual career.

I find this interesting because you can’t read up a little on the different types of careers that you can get into. If you want to get into a career in IT, most likely you’d be directed to the IT section and all the fun books that teach you how to code and how to use different operating systems. That doesn’t tell you anything about the type of career you could possibly have in the IT field. The same thing goes for Consulting. There aren’t any books that I’ve seen so far that have anything on what the consultants life is like. I know that there are differences depending on the company that you join since everyone is a little different but no one ever tells you what its really like. There are all types of skills that you need to be a consultant but no one ever tells you what they are until you’re actually doing the job. I’m all about on the job training but maybe a little warning on what types of skill you need would be helpful.

Maybe I should try and write a basic book on what its like to be a consultant in IT and the types of skills that you’ll need. It would be really basic and generalize a lot of things in terms of the type of training that would be required, the things that a person should focus on and what not to succeed. Hmmm…. nah I don’t have the time to write something like that, maybe I’ll just write some blog entries since I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I used to in recent years. Well I think this is it for this week, or month, depends on my laziness factor.


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