Going to NY!

This year I’m turning 30 years old and to celebrate it I’m going to be taking a trip to NYC for a week to also celebrate my wife’s birthday. Of course this won’t take place until July but I’ve already booked the trip and the best part about it is that all my travel and accommodations are FREE! How was I able to pull this off you ask?? I’m a consultant! No I didn’t use my powers of persuasion or anything underhanded (would have been cool if I could!) but I did accumulate a ridiculous amount of hotel and airline points in the past year since I started my job so after some calculations and some consultations with my wife, we decided to take a trip to NY all paid for with my points.

I’m currently at nearly zero but my status remains the same which is awesome. We’ll be flying up using Delta because thats my airline of choice because I have the most points and status with them. I haven’t decided on how to get to the hotel yet but I might take advantage of some of the corporate rates that my company has with a limo company and use that if possible. Otherwise a cab will probably do. As for accommodations, I will be staying at the fabulous Waldorf=Astoria on Park Ave. It has always been one of my dreams to stay there one day after I’ve seen it countless times in the movies and its all the sweeter because I’m staying there for FREE! Ahh how sweet this vacation will be!

So if any of my friends that still live in the north east area and that still read this blog are around, call up the cell and find me and the wife while we’re there 🙂


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