Seven Years

Tomorrow is January 15th. This is a significant day for me because it is the day that I stepped away from UMass and started my career in Information Technology. Holy crap its been a long time! I can almost remember that Monday, getting my butt on the train to go to NY for orientation and arriving way too early. Since I arrived too early, I made my way to the closest subway and had some McDonalds to pass the time.

Of course on that first day I did absolutely nothing but fill out paper work and I think I got my first work issued laptop which I promptly showed to my then girl friend (and now wife). It was a used, USED, Compaq M700 but I promptly switched it out for a new one once I got to my main work office in my home town 😉 Perks of the position! LOL!

I’ve come a long way I think. I went from field service tech and asset manager seven years ago to a full blown consultant telling people how to run their IT operations. From my standpoint, I’ve reached a significant goal since I’m finally working for the company that I targeted those many years ago (well I wanted to work here after maybe a year of pain and suffering but good times too). But after going to Tampa, I knew where I wanted to be and now I’m here and now my goal is to progress far enough that I won’t have a care in the world 🙂 Well that will probably take another 15 years but I’ve reached one goal, so the others shouldn’t be so hard.

Tomorrow I shall celebrate by getting my Jamba Juice (if I don’t work late) and reminisce in my success…….


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