Halo 3 Bliss

This Thursday when I got home I said HI to my cats, tossed my stuff in the bedroom and decided to fire up my Xbox 360 to get into Halo 3 that my wife was kind enough to purchase for me while I was away during the launch event. I started on playing it on regular difficulty because I haven’t been playing my video games all that much lately since I don’t have the time these days.

I must say though, that my expectations have been met or exceeded with this installment of Halo. One of the sad things is that I know that this will probably be the last Halo game where I go around as the Master Chief shooting things to oblivion. The level designs are way better, the vehicles are super fun to drive, the graphics are excellent and the weapons are also good since there are a ton of new ones to take advantage of.

From what I’ve played so far, this is going to be a fun game to replay a few times through. I would play on Xbox Live but I’m a cheap skate and I don’t have the optional Wireless adapter for it. I’m still going strong on my Wii but for right now, Xbox 360 will rule my living room until I’m done with Halo 3 🙂


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