Book rewards

I read a lot of books now that I travel most of the time. I end up buying about a book a week or so because I’m normally on a plane at least 6 hours out of the week and that doesn’t include the time that I spend at the airport waiting around to board the plane.

I buy most of my books from Barnes and Noble because its just down the street from me here at home. I prefer Borders though for a few of reasons though. First off, Borders was the bookstore that was closest to me when I lived in Stamford and I liked going there a lot. The prices at Borders is normally cheaper than Barnes and Noble although they’re pretty comparable. The rewards program with Borders is also free which is good for me because the one that Barnes and Noble offers you have to pay a yearly fee, whats up with that? And finally, Borders is just everywhere, from the airport to the mall, I can always find a Borders (or a Walden Books which is owned by Borders) or I can order stuff online through Amazon which has a deal with Borders.

I’ll admit that the majority of my books in 2007 has come from Barnes and Noble but thats due more to convenience than anything else. If Barnes and Noble makes their reward program free, I’ll sign up with them too, I could always use 20% off on new books 🙂


One thought on “Book rewards

  1. I used to love the Borders reward program since you could build up holiday reward points and save around the holidays.

    I know the Barnes and Noble membership isn’t free but if you frequent bookstores I think its a better deal at this point than Borders. You can get similar coupons as Borders from Barnes and Noble.

    I also prefer Borders but they changed their rewards program so much that it drove me away.

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