Being Gold rules

I checked into the Double Tree at my client site this week and much to my surprise, I got a coupon for $5.00 at the gift shop. Now I know its only $5.00 but that means I can get 5 free bottles of water which is super sweet. I also get breakfast in the morning now which is particularly awesome. Hopefully I’ll wake up early enough to start taking advantage of this perk of mine. I’ve worked hard to get my Gold status with Hilton. I’m earning about 4000 points a stay which isn’t a lot but when you add it up over time, I’m looking at some free hotel stays in 2008 when I finally go on a nice long vacation.

I’m not doing so hot on my points for the airlines but thats because they expire too fast and I don’t earn that many of them when I fly. Besides, I can get some free flights by giving up my seat when I start flying Air Tran again. Ahh the wonders of travel.


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