Wii-mania continues

This morning my wife and I decided to head on over to Best Buy just to kill some time so we could get hungry enough to eat a decent amount of dim sum for lunch. Best Buy opened at 11am and when we arrived, we got there maybe 15 minutes after the store opened. There was a huge line for the checkout line and almost everyone in it was holding a Wii. I could only say to my wife “suckers” since I didn’t have to wait in a huge ass line to get my Wii 🙂

Right now we’re playing Wii Golf and a game called Trauma Center which is definitely a different type of game all together and there’s no way any other console could do this game without the inventive Wii-mote. I’m off to my client tomorrow so no more gaming till Friday. I’ll just have to keep myself entertained with Lego Star Wars on my wife’s PSP till I get home.


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