Almost stuck in NY

On Sunday evening I was supposed to get on a plane with my wife and sister-in-law to head back to Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit Airlines. My wife and sister-in-law get their tickets just fine but I was having problems so I go to the ticket agent to get my ticket. When I give her my info they tell me that my ticket was never purchased and that there were no more seats on the plane. I had gone through my company travel agent to get my ticket on Spirit but because they’re not one of the approved carriers, its a little complicated for them to get me a ticket.

I call up my travel agent to see what happened because everything that I have with me says that I’m confirmed for the flight. The travel agent scrolls through the record and finds a notation that my ticket wasn’t purchased because of an invalid credit card. How that was possible is beyond me considering that my credit card is my corporate card and I’ve been using it for months. Since I couldn’t get on the Spirit Airlines flight I ask if there are any other flights home, no matter what the cost because I just have to get home. My wife, being the excellent wife that she is, is checking with Jet Blue which isn’t too far away from Spirit in the terminal to see if there are any flights and there is for over $300. I put that in the back of my mind just in case I need it and proceed to discuss travel arrangements with my travel agent. At first it sounds like he has me on a Delta flight which isn’t bad because I can get extra points with them, the only downside is that I caught him buying a ticket for Newark to Ft. Lauderdale rather than La Guardia to Ft. Lauderdale. For my friends who know the tri-state area, we all know Newark is no where close to La Guardia.

After trying out different options, most of which did not leave from LGA or left the next morning, I decided to purchase my ticket on JetBlue. Although I might be out $300, I’m going to fight it out with my travel agent to get some of my money back considering something went very wrong with this trip. I’m all booked up for my flights to my client for the next few weeks and I know those are OK because I have seat assignments and everything.

All I can say is that this past weekend was the worst traveling experience I ever had, its a good thing I didn’t have checked luggage because I know that something would have happened to it if I did and then I really would have had a terrible weekend travel-wise.


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