Stuck in Michigan

I was going to take what is known as a flex trip at my company, meaning that I was going to head off to another destination besides my home location of Ft. Lauderdale. Right now I’m writing this from my hotel room in Michigan because I wasn’t able to leave because I made a critical error in my travel plans. That mistake was using Chicago’s O’Hare airport as a transfer point.

My flight was originally scheduled to fly out of Michigan and go to Chicago at around 6:30PM. I found out later that morning that my flight was delayed which wasn’t so bad. Then about an hour or so later I found out my flight was canceled. Needless to say I was beyond pissed. My co-worker was nice enough to get the airline to switch our flights to an earlier flight at around 3:45 so that was pretty cool, but thats not where this ends. As the day goes on we find out that the flight is delayed till 8pm. Well that kind of puts a cramp in my day considering my connecting flight was at 6PM central time. So that leaves me here, stuck in Michigan just slightly pissed and just a little disgruntled. I dare say that I will probably try to avoid Chicago like the plague in the future.

To be thwarted because of a little wind and rain! GAH!


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