Traveling with extra gear

This week is especially hard since I’m traveling around with some extra stuff in my bag. I got a new game for the PSP and my wife let me take it with me. The game I got was Lego Star Wars II which I rented for the Xbox 360 and beat but I enjoyed the game so much I decided to actually buy it. The PSP though adds quite a bit of weight to my bag. There’s the extra A/C adapter and the PSP itself which I also lug with me to the office because I don’t want to leave it in the hotel because I’m just not trusting like that.

I’m also starting to carry around extra clothes in my suitcase just because the weather outside is getting nice and I really don’t want to go out after work in my work clothes. Shorts and t-shirts are the name of the game for after work activities. While this adds a bit of extra weight, I look at it as semi exercising while on the job. HA!


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