Going for the Gold (or Platinum)

As you can tell, I’m trying to catch up on my blogging since I let it sit for quite a while before I post anything new. Well anyway………..

Since I am the great traveler these days (even though until about August it’ll be to Michigan), I’ve been trying to build up my points on various different airlines, hotels, and car rental places. The ultimate goal is to get Platinum status for most of these places. Granted it takes a long time to get status with these places, you gotta travel a lot! My trips to Michigan have been slowly but surely increasing my point status but I’ve been kind of scatter shot. When I was going to Ohio I could always count on around 2000 miles on Delta and quite a few points at the Hilton or Westin hotels.

My Michigan trips have me running around on 3 different airlines so my point totals aren’t what they should be. Platinum status is cool as hell because you get like double points most of the time, free stuff all over the place, and normally you get to board the plane first. But the best part? UPGRADES!! The points that I accumulate can be used for different upgrades whether they be car upgrades (premium rentals are SWEET) and even free stays at hotels (which I will definitely use when vacation time rolls around). I think it’ll be at least 2-3 years before I get to where I want to be but once I’m up that point, vacations will be so much sweeter than they already are.


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