Treo Case coming today

When I went out and bought my Treo 700WX, I also bought a case for it because the one I had for my Treo 650 wasn’t doing so hot. My old case was a vertical pouch type but the Velcro on it just wouldn’t stick anymore. Lo and behold, about a month or so ago I was in the car with my wife and I got out. My case had rotated on its clip so it pointed DOWN instead of UP like it normally does and my phone fell out because the Velcro was crap.

I returned my Treo 700WX today because I didn’t like some of the features. However I am keeping the new case that I bought for it because I’ll need it for my Treo 700P. The best part is that it has a magnetic clip so I don’t have to worry about the Velcro wearing itself out or anything like that. The clip also doesn’t rotate so that should help things out too.

Now I just need the UPS guy to knock on my door so I can finally get my new case instead of keeping my phone in my pocket.


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