California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza kitchen is one of those places that you just have to love. The last time I actually went to one was when I lived in Tampa. There wasn’t a California Pizza Kitchen there I think, who knows! But the one that I normally went to was in Orlando FL at the Millennium Mall. Granted that was a bit far to go for pizza but I was already at Disney so a little more mileage on the car never hurt anyone.

I went to one this weekend with my wife and it was awesome. We tried two different pizzas, the Wild Mushroom and the Shrimp Scampi. Whoever thought of putting shrimp on a pizza needs to be hailed a genius! I will definitely be ordering both of these pies again. I’m hoping that my next assignment takes me to a place that has one readily available so that I can try the different pizzas offered. I don’t go to California Pizza Kitchen all that often because its expensive so its a treat for me whenever I go. Almost makes me wanna move to Cali……….. hehe NAH!!


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