Damn vandals!

This week my wife told me that the TV’s that were in the gym in our community were stolen. Now that just totally pisses me off. I have paid a lot of money for the convenience of using the gym and watching TV at the same time and now some ass has taken them and if my theory holds water, the residents are going to end up paying for it by raising the community fee’s. If that happens, I’m going to get even more pissed because its not my fault that security here sucks balls. One man running around in a golf cart at night isn’t going to stop someone from taking stuff from the pool/gym.

What they need to do is enhance security. It doesn’t cost a lot to get some night vision cameras that are motion sensitive and have it hooked up to a security feed that can be accessed on the internet. They’re pretty cheap on TigerDirect.com You can even have the alarm go off if someone tries to use the gym after hours or something or put security locks on the TV that sound off an alarm if someone tries to take it. All really simple cost effective stuff!! I’m pretty decent with coming up with security solutions for simple stuff like that. If they can pay I dunno how much for a security guard to lift the gate up and down, I think they can shell out a one time cost for some extra gear to help keep the stuff the community pays for safe.


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