A short weekend

This weekend was pretty short. I had a conference to go to for work in Chicago for about two days but it was pretty fun. I was able to meet a lot of the members of my specific organization while I was there and learned a little more about the company that I work for. The only downer was that it reduced the time that I spent at home this weekend. Normally I’m away Monday mornings through Thursday evenings but this time I had to stay away from home an extra day.

Perhaps its just me but there is a lot of extra packing that goes into staying away from home an extra day. I had to pack extra shirts, pants, etc. just to cover the extra day plus I had to bring some other clothes since there were networking and social events while the conference was going on. Those were fun because I got to see a little bit of the night life of Chicago which isn’t bad over all. Except for the fact that at night it was bone chilling cold, I had a really good time.

I also got a little bit sick last week so I didn’t feel so well this weekend. I mostly tried to stay home and get things done around the house that I normally do before I go away again. I did manage to get some DayQuil and my cold is feeling a lot better but I sort of feel cheated because I wasn’t home till after midnight on Friday night. I mean normally I’m home on Thursday nights and work on Fridays from home but coming home at night on Friday seems to cut into the weekend and the time I get to spend with my wife and my cats. Like on Friday’s we might go out or something to rent a movie or just hang out at home which is really nice to me now that I’m not home every evening.

On a good note though I did get my new winter coat from JoS A Bank but I didn’t bring it with me to Ohio. I didn’t think it would be that cold out here but I guess I was wrong, no big deal really. I don’t want to lug that thing on the plane if its going to be over 40 something degrees most of the time I’m here. This is also my last week here, so we’ll see where they send me next. Maybe something closer to home……………


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