Back home again

I’m back home again after another trip out to my client site out in Ohio. I gotta say that it is high time to buy a better coat because dress pants don’t offer any protection when it comes to arctic wind gusts. I’m using my ski jacket and normally that would be enough but for some reason it isn’t anymore. Maybe it was fine back then because I was also wearing some ski pants that offered plenty of protection that kept me nice and toasty.

So I’m in the market for an over coat. You know one of those long wool ones that you see NY types walking around in all over the city. I didn’t think I would need one but my recent travels to Ohio have made me reconsider. Yes the coat is going to be big and bulky but you know what? At least I’ll be warm when I’m walking to the office. I’m probably going to get a pair of gloves too. My wife pointed out that I might look a little funny if I was walking around with a nice over coat but wearing ski gloves. So I can see her point in that.

Here’s my problem though, I live in Florida so I’m not going to have the easiest time finding a winter over coat down here. I know that I can get one online at JoS A Bank for around $200 which really isn’t bad. I went to an actual store after work and they were going for over $400! Holy smokes thats expensive! I’m only at my current assignment for another 2 weeks and after that I’m going to be unassigned again unless I get picked up for another client real soon. I’m hoping for a little warmer locale so I don’t end up freezing like I have been recently.

At least its the weekend and I can relax at home………. I love coming home from Ohio, it makes me appreciate what I have down here 🙂


2 thoughts on “Back home again

  1. Can I please go shopping for you & ship you whatever I buy?? LOL…..i’ve been wanting to dress u for awhile now, and finally i have my chance to make you new york-chic…..let me!!!!!!

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