No liquids allowed

So I'm actually flying back home right now but sadly without my tooth paste and body wash because I didn't have it in a little platic bag as required by the TSA. Surprisingly, this is the only time they actually caught on that it was in my bag. Personally I think its dumb that you can only bring 3.4 oz of liquid with you per container and you have to get it scanned and it has to be wrapped in a platic bag and pass inspection. I was able to go through 3 airports just fine till now. So I'm out five bucks worth of stuff….. Whoop de do!!

I guess I'll have to put the stupid things in a plastic bag now even though its assinine. If someone really had intent they'd blow a hole at the checkpoint and not a plane. More dramatic and all that jazz. Besides if it took the TSA that long for them to finally discover I had 4.2 oz of tooth paste in my bag, obviosly something isn't working right. I'm one person out of millions of travelers and if they missed that many times with just me we're fucked anyway because the odds are clearly not in our favor. If someone wants to blow a hole in an airport with C4 or something similar, I really don't think the FAA or TSA will catch on at the checkpoint except by luck rather than resiliance.


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