A really tall ladder

Yesterday I helped my father in law install a chandelier in my sister in laws place. The one thing that was kind of odd with this job was that the ceiling was 15 feet tall! So I went with my father in law to Home Depot and he rented a 14 foot tall A ladder so it would reach the ceiling. This ladder was really heavy and we had to put it on my wife’s Xterra so we could transport it to the house. Putting it up didn’t seem to be that difficult but thats because my father in law did most of the work. We were going to use the ladder to put up some additional ceiling fans in my house but the ladder was way too tall. My wife made the suggestion to get the Little Giant Ladder that we always see on infomercials on Sunday mornings. I agree that we’ll probably need it when hurricane season arrives so we can put up the hurricane shutters that they gave us when we bought the house. Now I just need garage shelves and I think a lot of the major stuff will be done. Then decorating will be the last thing and the house shall be complete!


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