Wow its been a while

It's been a really long time since I posted anything to my blog.  It's not because there is a lack of things to blog about, its just all about time and the fact that I can't actually get to the blogger site anymore from work.  No matter, I know that I can send in postings from email now anyway so it doesn't hurt me.  Time has been scarce lately with all the things going on at work and on the home front.  Since I don't talk about work at all, its time to move on to the home front!

December 27 is the magical day that I will close on my newly completed townhouse in South Florida.  It's less than a week away and I'm excited to actually own real estate.  It's going to cost a mother load of money but I think in the end it'll be well worth it to have the ability to paint walls as I see fit, put holes in the wall without fear, and just add and subtract things as my wife and I deem appropriate.  I mean renting is a pretty sweet deal because you can just get up and leave if you want to but there's just something psychologically refreshing about actually knowing that the place you live is YOURS and you're really not answering to a land lord.  Granted things like home repairs will fall on me or the repair man to do rather than a handy man supplied by the land lord but thats something I can live with easily enough.

My wife and I did a walk through earlier this week to look for flaws at the townhouse and what we found were just a few minor things here and there, nothing really earth shattering.  Just needed a few adjustments to some bricks, add a little paint here and there, adjust the toilet so it flushes a little better, and removing the coke can that was still on the roof from the construction guys.  I took a few pictures but they're generally boring because the place is empty and painted completely white.  The kitchen area is pretty nice though with the stainless steel appliances and the black marble counter top.  I am also very excited that I have my own garage.  No more parking my car outside and all that crap and fighting for parking spaces or getting pissed that someone took my normal space.  I can also start storing stuff in there which should free up lots of room in the living area.  The courtyards aren't bad, I'll maybe add some plants or something to it as well as some patio furniture and a grill for cook outs.  It's nicely shaded most of the time so I don't have to worry about stuff like sun damage.  The master bedroom is awesome because it has the big balcony on it.  Normally the townhouse model that my wife and I purchased would have a small balcony good enough for maybe a chair and thats it, the one that came with our townhouse has a HUGE one where we can fit 2 chairs and a small table.  It over looks the street so the neighbors can see me when I'm out there but I don't much care, I have a balcony!  I'll take pics once the closing is done.  Furniture is coming in later in the week and all the utilities have been scheduled to be installed the day of closing.  I would suspect by the first weekend after new years I should be all moved in with all my stuff 🙂  Oh happy day!!

Oh and to everyone that reads my blog (I know who you are because of the comments) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  (I'm Catholic so I'm only saying Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays so :P)


3 thoughts on “Wow its been a while

  1. how in the hell are you affording that kind of house? and when do i get one?! if you can afford that, you can afford kids. i demand kids soon. zsolti needs more kids to play with.

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