Free Hockey Game

Last night at the last minute I went to the Florida Panthers v. the Anaheim Ducks (remember the movie the Mighty Ducks? Yeah thats them). It was a pretty bad ass game to watch and I was even able to take my wife with me. And you know what the best part was? The tickets were free and so was the parking. Well that wasn’t exactly the best part, my firm has one of those luxury boxes with the private seating, TV,’s, mini lounge etc so not only did I have a great view, I didn’t have to sit with the common folk 🙂

Well the Ducks beat the Panthers 5-4 but it was a great game because they scored at least once each period to keep things exciting. I’ll give it to the Ducks, they have a great scoring line. A lot of their goals came a minute or so after a face off so they’re really quick at getting into scoring position after the ref drops the puck. The Panthers put up a good fight with a spectacular goal in the 2nd period with one of the forwards that was totally off balance managing to slip in a goal between the goalies legs while falling flat on his face afterwards.

One of the funnier things I saw was that the Florida Panthers have their own cheerleaders. What hockey team has cheerleaders anyway?? This was certainly a first I think. They’re called the Florida Panther’s Ice Dancers……… strange, you normally only see cheerleaders at basketball and football games. They did also have a funny mascot dressed up as a panther and he seemed to be having tons of fun riding around on an ATV in center ice doing donuts. Now thats a fun job right there!

If my firm offers more tickets, I’m definitely grabbing them!


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