No respect

It seems to me that the people in South Florida don't have a lot of respect for other peoples cars. I got a nice gash on the rear quarter panel of my car. You can't see it from a distance and at a certain angle but when you're up close you can see it just fine and it totally sucks. My wifes car also got defiled on her rear quarter panel as well and it hasn't moved for two weeks from her parking spot. If I ever see anyone defiling my car or my wifes car and not leave a note, they're in for a nice long gash on the hood that says "FU". I've paid too much money for my car to have some random dumb ass scratch my car because they lack skill in the realm of driving or simply getting in and out of their car. BLAH! May those types of people burn (in the deepest part of hell) for being so inconsiderate.


One thought on “No respect

  1. Sorry, but it’s not just South Florida. It’s the entire world. I miss my old car with all its dents and scratches because I didn’t care if I got new ones. My current car has more dents and scratches than I care for, mostly because of jerks in parking lots.

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