A new computer for the family

My wife and I went out last night to pick up DVD’s at Best Buy. Of course I just had to get Pirates of the Carribean 2, but I also had to get the immortal Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. While we were looking around, we decided to go computer shopping. My old Dell that I inherited from my sister-in-law isn’t cutting it these days so as a gift to the new house we might pick up a new PC.

I personally wanted one of the HP laptops that they were selling, after all they were only $750 and had tons of nice features. My wife though wants a desktop so we saw a totally tricked out HP Media Center PC with a 20 inch wide screen monitor. It had everything I could possibly want in a PC except for Windows Vista but there is a coupon that I can get for that. It’s going to cost a pretty penny but thats alright since we’re in need of a new computer anyway and I haven’t actually had a “new” computer since 2001 so I’m over due for it. Yay, new gadget to play with!


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