Ft. Lauderdale River Walk

Today I went out to lunch with my wife because she’s going to go on a trip to CT and I won’t see her till Sunday so it was a good time to see a little bit more of Ft. Lauderdale. I have to say it is quite a sharp contrast to downtown Miami which where I normally am for work.

I work on Las Olas Blvd in FTL and its pretty much their downtown district with all the tall buildings and such but the biggest difference is that the area is really nice to walk around and they have lots of places to eat and shop. There is a place called the River Walk that is like a mini entertainment area where there are tons of places to eat and it all has a great view of the river and all the yachts that are berthed there.

Since my wife permanently works in FTL right now, she decided to show me around so we went over to the Bank of America building for some eats and then a nice leisurely walk down the River Walk area and looked at all the huge boats and of course to look at menu’s just in case there was a place of excellent quality that might make us drive all the way out here to eat.

I’ve worked in Miami for a little less than 3 months and I have to say that I rarely if ever venture out of my glass edifice that I work in. I think its the nicest building in the entire area because there is so much construction going around. Not to mention, Miami is just OLD. You can tell the buildings are of a 1970’s or 1980’s vintage just by the way they look or at their designs. It’s also not the safest place to walk around so I tend to bring lunch and eat it at my desk most of the time. If you venture down the street some, there is the “new” area that is just beyond downtown Miami. There are some really nice new office buildings that way as well as some excellent dining. It would be nice to move down that way, I bet the parking might even be cheaper (doubtful but I can hope) and its probably safer to walk around that area since there area also a lot of residences there. I’ve come to realize that when people say that Miami is a totally awesome place to visit, they’re neglecting to say that they’re talking about Miami Beach or South Beach. I will admit that I thought there was going to be some sort of glamor about working in Miami for a large company but after seeing it I’m kind of underwhelmed by it and not just a little bit disappointed in the city. Oh well, on a brighter note, its almost time to close on my townhouse aww yeah!


One thought on “Ft. Lauderdale River Walk

  1. Um, I dunno what people would call South Beach glamourous, because when I went, it was ghetto with a capital G. I had to leave the morning after I arrived b/c i couldn’t even walk down the street without having nasty guys reaching out and grabbing me. Definitely would not go back there again.

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