The ever popular SPAM email

Regardless of what a lot of people in government and the technology industry think, I personally believe that SPAM emails are still just as pervasive as ever. Take for example ME. I started working for my current company only a few months ago, before I even started here my computer and accounts were all set up and one of the first things I encountered was SPAM! I haven’t even sent out a single email using that address and already it was getting spammed.

I use a number of other accounts online and I have 2 that are linked together because I need to be able to get mail while away from my computer. I don’t send a lot of email from my phone but my regular account I send lots of mail out during the day and that one seems to get spammed the most. There is maybe 50 spam messages waiting for me in the morning in my spam mail box, its nice to know that the filters that have been set up by Google and Outlook are working well so it doesn’t creep into my inbox although once in a while a stray message manages to get in there.

I actually set up an experiment a few years ago with Hotmail. I had an account that was really old but I still use it to sign up for stuff and then I created another dummy account just for laughs and didn’t use it for anything. I enjoyed watching how much spam my older account got while my new one got next to nothing. I guess there are a lot of companies that sell email addresses or people troll for them on the job websites these days because you can’t sign up for places like that without an email account and of course I never use my real one just in case.

So where does that leave me? Well I have about 3 email accounts that I use on a daily basis for various types of correspondence that I check pretty religiously and just have to clean out because spam is freakin everywhere. Even though I get spammed up the wazoo, at least its not getting into my archives which go waaaaaaay back to 1996 🙂 Ahh the things people said back then and if they only knew I kept it all hahaha


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