More ads in Hotmail

I was going through my email accounts today and noticed that in Hotmail there were a lot more ads than normal. I normally just see maybe a top banner ad on the page but now there were ads on both sides of my screen and taking up valuable real estate. I know that ads drive free web services and all but huge banners going on the top and sides of my email app are just a bit excessive. I use Gmail most of the time even though I’ve been a very long Hotmail user. I’d probably still be using Hotmail if they let you have POP access like they used to before they were bought out by Microsoft like 5 years ago or something like that. The integration with Outlook isn’t all that good and it takes forever to load. I just use it for junk mail most of the time anyway but its still annoying to see. Stop with the freakin banner ads already!


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