Getting my game on tonight

Tonight I think I’m going to pick up a new game for Xbox 360. I haven’t had a racer in quite a while except for Project Gotham Racing 3 and that one was ultra realistic and I’m in the mood for a more arcade type racer. The newest game on the market is Need for Speed Cabron. The reviews have been alright for it so far and there are a ton of mods that you can do to the cars and plenty of events to keep me occupied. I’m still debating whether or not I should shell out the extra money for the collectors edition because its an extra 10 bucks and $70 for a game is kinda steep. It kinda takes me back to the days of the Neo Geo (I bet a lot of people barely remember that system because it was so expensive at the time) when games for it were at least $100 but it seems that games are fast approaching that price point. If I build a phat ride in the game, I’ll see if I can take a pic of it and post it on my blog. How freakin sweet would that be? Now I just need the wireless adapter too so I can get the latest upgrade to my Xbox so I can play games in High Def (and I also need the plasma, anyone willing to give me one will have my eternal thanks :))


One thought on “Getting my game on tonight

  1. Since this didn’t happen yesterday, are you going to get it tonight??? I know you’re tired of being schooled by Clint on your own game 😛

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