The Miami Auto Show

This past weekend I went with my wife to the Miami Auto Show that was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. All the major car manufacturers were present of course and showing off 2007 model cars and some 2008’s as well. There was a lack of concept cars but I think thats because all of those cars got shipped off to the Paris Auto Show. But all in all, it was a great show and there are some pictures below of some of the awesome cars that I sat in or saw. Needless to say, I definately want a Nissan 350Z, anyone care to make a donation to Jason’s 350Z fund?? 😉 Enjoy the photos!

Ahh the newly redesigned Nissan Altima. I was able to actually sit in this car and I must say that its super sweet. I like how they redid the lights and the lines of the car. I think they made it look even better than it already did. Almost makes me want to turn mine in for this model.

Wooo, check this sucker out. This is the all new Porche 911. It only had a price tag of over $175K. It’s a small price to pay for being able to go over 200MPH and 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. This is the kind of car you drive out in Nevada where everything is flat and straight so you can see just how fast this puppy can go!!

This really sweet photo was taken by my wife while we were in “Millionaire’s Row” where they showcased most of the cars that were over $200K a piece. The lights look like little eyes and the effect is super cool too when she took it while we were walking by. Obviously they wouldn’t let us sit in one of these cars, they’re just way too expensive to have mere mortals touching them.

Three words come to mind whenever I see this picture…….. PIMP MY RIDE!

And here we have the new Camero, one of the only concept cars that I saw while at the auto show. This sucker looked really sweet and I would have loved to sit in it but they were keeping the public away with a barrier. PAH! Let me see so I can decide if I want to drop 40K on it or not!

And finally, one of the highlights of the show was being able to ride in a Jeep and going through an obstacle course. They did not let you actually drive the jeep but they basically put it on two wheels, climb some logs, do this awesome hill climb, then a sharp drop and then another hill climb and another sharp drop. It didn’t last all that long but it was pretty cool. I got to ride in one of the new Cherokee’s but I really wanted to go in one of the new 4 door Wranglers they had. Maybe I’ll go back to the show in 2 years, they should have some really exciting things by then.


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