Finally finished moving to South Florida!

It’s Sunday morning and I have completed my move to South Florida. Actually I completed my move on Friday evening by driving to my sister-in-laws place but I finally have my computer up and running and thats when I determine when I’m finally moved in since its normally the last thing that I acutally put together.

My wife and I packed our cars until it could hold no more of our stuff. Luckily we had just enough room for everything that we wanted to take with us. I had the pleasure of driving with my two cats in my car. They howled for about an hour or so but then they calmed down and tried to sleep. I was having flash backs of when I moved to Tampa because that was the last time that my car was ever that full of junk. I put most of the stuff that I brought with me into storage until I move into my new townhouse that is in the process of being built.

My cats seem to be adjusting well to their temporary home. My sister-in-law has two cats of her own so they’ve been kind of growling and hissing at each other but its all pretty amusing to watch. There haven’t been any full blown fights yet but once they get used to each other I’m sure things will eventually calm down. My cats actually sleep in my bedroom with me and they seem to enjoy it. They wake us up early but I have to wake up early anyway for work so it doesn’t bother me as much as it would have if I just worked down the street or something.

Monday is definitely going to be interesting since that is when I start my new job. The type of company is very similar and I’ve done the job before earlier in my career so it’ll be like an old shoe, good and comforting and easy to wear/do. I have a few network upgrades to do and I have to set up the Tivo here as well. There will be plenty more to post in the next few days, until then………..


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