What’s up with Blogger?

I have been a blogger user for quite a long time. My friend Alison got me started on this thing and at first it seemed pretty cool. At the time I could do all sorts of good things like adjust the template, send emails to my blog so they would get published and even send in pics from my phone and presto they would appear.

It seems that the service hasn’t been upgraded in a little bit and things that used to work don’t anymore. Right now is a pretty good example. I’m actually using my cell phone (the trusty Treo 650) to write this blog. However, instead of sending an email I’m using an app called U*Blog because my emails are now ignored by Blogger. That’s just not right in my view. That was one of its most useful features because I take a lot of pics with my phone and like to blog about it but since I can’t there has been a lack of posts in the last few months.

I do have other blogging accounts I just never used them since I’ve invested a lot of time in this one. One place that I might transfer my blog to is MSN since they did a huge upgrade and is way easier to customize. I don’t like MySpace blogs simply because its just text really. I guess I’ll wait a little while longer and see if I want to put in the effort of moving to a new blog or just suffer with what I have…….


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