World Cup 2006

Lately like the rest of the planet, I’ve been watching World Cup Soccer. Its been really interesting to watch all the different national teams play each other and also hear the fans in the background chanting as well. It’s too bad that USA soccer got bumped from the tournament but when I see these other countries play soccer, its just obvious they are so much better than USA soccer. Right now the teams that I’m most interested in is Brazil (of course), England, and Germany.

Right now I’m watching the Brazil/Ghana game and I just saw one of the really awesome forwards for Brazil basically dribble the ball into the goal past the Ghana goalie for a world record breaking 15 goals in the world cup. And Brazil scored within the starting five minutes of play! Now thats what I call some awesome soccer! I can’t wait to see who’s in the finals, I’m figuring I’m taking the day off to see that game. Hopefully it won’t end in a shoot out like one of the other world cups that I saw in the past. It needs to be more exciting than that.


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