Emailing my blogs isn’t working!!

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before but sending emails to my blog to be published still isn’t working. I would say that I blog a good deal on my PC but I do occasionally like to blog using my phone. My Treo lets me send out email and such and the reason that I chose to use Blogger was because I was able to send emails to blogger and they would be published. I’ve tried to use the email feature a few times from the email addresses I have set up and they still don’t work right 😦

I’m going on two trips in the next few days and I’m probably not going to be blogging via PC but via email. Since this isn’t working, there probably won’t be many blog entries in the next two weeks unless they finally fix it. I was going to add pictures too since I was going to bring a camera or use my phone. GAH! Blogger needs to get this damn thing working already! It’s been months!


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