Got my Sony Laptop working

A really long time ago it seems, I suggested to my father to buy a Sony Laptop PC. At the time it seemed pretty swift. It came pre-loaded with Win98 and had a 450 Mhz P3 processor. My father has since upgraded to a Desktop PC (I also have a Dell he bought two years ago thats so much better than the Sony but the screen is busted so I can’t really use that one). I have since upgraded the Sony with a host of mis matched parts that I have lying around. I upgraded the hard drive to a 20 gig (not very big these days but its better than 6 gig), boosted the RAM to 320 which isn’t bad, and I also went ahead and loaded Win XP SP2. It’s not the best laptop in the world but I’m keeping this PC around just in case something bad happens to my Dell desktop upstairs. I have backups for it on a portable drive so in case theres a hurricane, I can get up and go with my data 😉

I think next year I’m going to invest in a new laptop once Windows Vista comes out if I have the money for it. I have my work laptop but that doesn’t count as truely being mine. I want something thats portable with tons of hard drive space so that just in case I gotta go somewhere in a rush, I have everything I need to keep my life going. Anyone have some money I can have to get my new laptop??


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