Worst airport ever!

I have traveled around a lot and I’ve been to plenty of airports but I have to say that the one in Atlanta is the worst so far.

Right now I just started my vacation with my wife and we’re off the Las Vegas. Our flight to Las Vegas involves two stops, one of which is Atlanta. First thing that happens is that we hear that the gate has changed. Not a big deal right? Just check the monitors for the new gate. Slight problem here was that there were no monitors to check at the terminal and we both distinctly heard that our new gate was at another terminal. Atlanta has some LONG terminals and its serviced by a train. There was a bank of monitors that said the only flight for our airline was on the terminal we were headed to.

BIG MISTAKE!! When we got to the gate, it was nearly empty so we had our tickets scanned by the agent. The agent looks at his computer and says that our flight was at the gate that we had just come from in our original terminal!!

He informs us that we have 10 minutes to run over and catch our flight. So my wife and I are practically speed walking through one terminal, caught the train, and speed walked to the very end of our original terminal to catch our flight.

I swear, if I have to take any more flights, I am going to avoid Atlanta like the plague. The airport is just too big, too crowded, and too old techwise. If I can avoid going to Atlanta ever again I will even if it costs me more to fly.


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