I fixed my cat bowl!

To the left you see the water bowl that I bought for my cats a while ago. It’s a huge dome that holds water and then it spits out water and covers the dome and goes into a little pool at the bottom and recycles itself. My cats love the thing and its great because I only have to fill it once a week.

A few days ago it didn’t work like it should. I could hear the motor trying to spin but no water would come out. It had been a while since I cleaned it and no matter what I did, water just wouldn’t go through the motor and spit up water. I shook it, used an air can, and all that other good stuff. After looking at it closer, I noticed I could crack it open. After cracking it open I found all this gunk inside it. After cleaning it all out, I put it back together and now it runs like NEW! SAWEET! Now all I need are more filters to prevent the gunk from building up in the motor again. I don’t want to keep on taking apart the motor because I have a tendancy to break things when I get adventurous after I discover I can actually disassemble something. At least now my cats are happy 🙂


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