AOL is ruining Winamp!

I happen to be a pretty big fan of Winamp (for those of you that don’t know, it plays music). I used to use it WAY back in the days before it even had a 1.0 release and the software was still owened by Nullsoft. I’ve been pretty pleased so far with the software even after AOL bought Nullsoft but the latest changes to Winamp 5.2 are just total CRAP! Granted there are some nice little improvements but the Media Library is getting bad. I was just recently using version 5.13 and the media library was nice and fast and pretty straight forward. I primarily use it to listen to music while I’m doing my work at the office. The 5.2 release just totally ruined the online music aspect. I still use it of course because its still the best but they need to change the interface back. There are too many “clicks” involved now just to get to my 3 favorite radio stations. I also still don’t trust it to sync up my iPod properly which is why I’m still using MediaMonkey for that part (iTunes sucks royally in my opinion). OK, thats my rant for now I’ll probably have another one later this afternoon. 😉


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