Monday’s are now truly pathetic

I used to read a lot of Garfield comics when I was younger and there was one part that always seemed funny and it was his absolute hate of Monday’s. I can say that I too have joined Garfield in hating Monday’s totally. Well lets break it down as to why I hate Monday’s now.

First, the work component! It’s the beginning of the work week which in itself is just not a good thing most of the time. I just had two lovely days off, why would I want my free time to end? I also have 2 standing meetings every Monday so that cuts into productivity but that’s not such a big deal. Most people that work just don’t look forward to Monday’s because they know there is five days worth or work ahead of them.

Second, the traffic component! Sunday drivers are bad Monday drivers in general. I don’t know if its just me but when I know its rush hour to get to and from work, I don’t really care what the speed limit is, I just want to either get my ass to work or get my ass home as soon as possible so I’m not burning gas just sitting in traffic doing nothing but cursing at the person in the WAY front who’s going less than the speed limit and really isn’t in a rush to get anywhere in particular.

Third, the TV component! This is relatively recent but right now there is NADA on the tube that’s worth watching on Monday nights. I thought that with cable that would be pretty impossible but there are only so many Law and Order re-runs a person can watch on TNT and USA. I’d watch WWE but my wife doesn’t like watching it anymore. Las Vegas (on NBC) was the one show I had to look forward to on Monday nights but they moved it to Friday’s which is a horrible time slot because who’s in on Friday evenings? (Well I am but that’s because I’m cheap and don’t like spending money to drink booze that’s over priced when I can get it at the store and drink it in the comfort of my own home and not having to worry about driving).

Maybe something will happen that will make Monday’s better so I don’t hate it so much anymore but it would have to be something pretty major (a new TV show maybe???) that will lessen my apathy for this most horrible of days in the week (unless its my birthday, then Monday is a good day).


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