Now thats what I call some SNOW!

This weekend I was in semi sunny South Floriduh visiting the in-laws again and I ran upon some news clips that showed how much snow everyone in the North East just received. All I can say is DAMN! They totally got pounded with about 2 FEET of snow. In any book thats a ton. I can’t say I wish I was up there but I kind of do wish I was there. Why you ask?? SKIING! Just think, there are now mountains of freshly packed powder up in Vermont just waiting for skiiers to use and abuse it. I tell ya, if I wasn’t here and still living up north, we’d be prepping my wife’s Xterra for a little trip to the mountains to get in some skiing 🙂


One thought on “Now thats what I call some SNOW!

  1. Good news and bad news… CT got pounded, but Amherst and most of Vermont got only about 6″. Took the day yesterday to relax and what not and the storm was a no-show for us!

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