I’ve started playing the only game I ignored when I got my Xbox 360 and thats Kameo: Elements of Power. I’m taking a break from Project Gotham Racing (I hate running my car through cones), and Perfect Dark Zero (you can only stand getting killed in 10 seconds so many times and by the computer no less) for the time being and I’m concentrating on this game. Suprisingly this is one of the more fun games that I’ve had. The only thing thats kind of a drag is that you have to search around for stuff and the controls are a little off when you’re trying to whoop ass.

The graphics are freakin awesome and I love the funny animations that are included. Maybe I’ll be lucky and this will turn out to be a long game although I hear that it should take a gamer about 10 hours to complete. I like to take my time with games so normally it takes me twice as long as a normal person since I like sniffing around for goodies in the game. Now I wonder what game to get next…………………. I’m thinking maybe a PC game (I haven’t done that in a long time) called Star Wars: Empire at War!


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