Connecticut Wedding Trip

This past weekend I went up to CT for my sister in law’s wedding. She lives in South Florida but decided to have it up north so it won’t be such a hassle for friends and family to attend. The wedding was great and the food excellent. However, I have to blame her new husband for wishing for snow on the day of the wedding. Not only did it get bone chilling COLD (we’re talking teens here people and thats without windchill), but the roads were a total mess!

I had the honor of being able to drive my wife’s mothers Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (that was a lot of fun) to the wedding and the day before I drove Claire’s old truck to run errands. The Church and Reception were both in upstate CT and if anyone knows upstate CT, there’s practically nothing there but woods and really small roads that twist and turn a lot. There were a couple of downed trees along the route and it didn’t help things that I didn’t have windshield washer fluid for the car until after I arrived at the church.

The bachelor party that I attended was kick ass and I met some really cool guys that were part of the wedding party. I’ll post up some pics later on of the wedding. Not many pics of me though since I’m the photographer 🙂


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