I beat my first Xbox 360 Game!!

Last night I was able to beat Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360. I have to admit that the game was plenty challenging since I can’t remember the number of times I died in the game. The last level was tons of fun! Kill ton’s of Germans, and put sticky bombs on 2 tanks while not getting killed….. yeah like thats easy! Now that I’ve beaten the game, I think I’m either going to move on to Project Gotham Racing (I’m pretty far along in the game so it makes sense to continue it) or I’ll start clearing house on Perfect Dark Zero (I’m on Level 4 of this game and so far its been kicking my ass thoroughly).

I think I’m pretty much done with Dead or Alive 4 but I haven’t gotten all the costumes yet or the final unlockable character but its only a matter of time. I’ve beaten the game with everyone else though in Story Mode and the end movies for the characters are pretty freakin sweet if I do say so myself. Tonight I shall be doing some more gaming since this weekend I won’t have any time to do so at all.


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