Kickin Virtual Ass

I got in some good game time last night. I was able to play through a level of Call of Duty 2 and get a few more costumes for Dead or Alive 4. I still play Call of Duty 2 more than Perfect Dark Zero right now but only because I’m so far into the game I might as well finish it. I think I have another 2 levels to go and then the game should be finished.

Last night I was able to do something I’ve never been able to do before. I was able to beat the last boss character in Dead or Alive 4 on the first try using Ryu Hayabusa. Normally he’s not even close to being my best character but for some reason I was on fire when I used him. For those of you that know Dead or Alive 4, the AI for the last boss character is really really cheap when it comes to hitting you and disappearing as you’re laying the smack down on it. But last night, I kicked her butt but didn’t win a new costume since I had them all……… Oh well, maybe tonight I’ll finish another level in Call of Duty 2 and hopefully I won’t get my ass whipped.


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