Jason’s Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Welcome to my personal views about the new Xbox 360 games I have the absolute pleasure of owning. First I want to thank my wife Claire for getting me the 360 for Christmas and also for not getting too mad when I play hours on end. Now on to my impressions about each game.

First up is Dead or Alive 4. This is my most recent game and 3 in the series that I own. I have Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast and Dead or Alive 3 for Xbox. I have to say that without a doubt this is the toughest one I’ve played. The AI is cheap as hell with its shots and I have no idea how to do half of the new combo moves. On the other hand it is quite satisfying when I finally am able to beat someone and lord over them like I am the Master of creation. The visuals are just bad ass all around. I wish I understood the story more and if there was an easier difficulty setting so it wouldn’t take me about 30 minutes to get past the last guy. The new characters are SWEET. I’ll probably end up using them a lot during survival matches but right now I’m concentrating on getting all the new costumes and that means playing tons of story mode. It should keep me occupied for a good long while I hope.

Call of Duty 2 is just awesome. It’s pretty hard at first but once you get the hang of it, its just a great first person shooter. Since I have the original Xbox, I approach a lot of the first person shooter games like I do Halo. This is one game you should not play like Halo. It’s hard to aim well in the game because the weapons are replica’s of what was used back then and the weapons back then weren’t all that accurate. If you have a machine gun, you gotta get up fairly close to waste someone. I don’t even bother with pistols. I like the smoke grenade though, that has helped me out a ton by putting up a huge smoke screen to hide my ass while I went about flanking someone and pasting their guts on a wall or something. I’m almost done with this one and its one of my favorites thus far. Highly recommend picking this one up.

I am typically a Burnout kind of person where the cars are fast and you can hit things. PGR3 is more like a simulation where everything is pretty realistic except for crashing but thats ok. The physics in the game is pretty dead on in terms of what would happen if you were doing some of the corners in a real car and thats a good thing. The graphics and sounds are awesome and I love the fact I can buy all these super expensive cars like Porches and Bently’s and tons of other cars that I’ve never even heard of. The racing action at first doesn’t seem fast but when you get some of the more powerful cars it really ramps up. I prefer doing the races but there are a bunch of challenges that you have to win as well in order to progress in the game. I could live without these since I’m not good at them but I guess it all goes back into making me a better driver.

Kameo I haven’t played a lot of but from what I’ve seen its pretty fun to turn into different monsters and kick their asses. I’ll give a better update once I’ve actually sat down and played it for a good long time.

Wow, thats what I have to say about this game. It’s pretty hard and its another first person shooter like Call of Duty 2. The difference here is that stealth is the name of the game. You have to be sneaky a lot and you have tons of weapons with scopes and stuff. One of the best features is the ability to take cover behind objects, pop out and bust a cap in someones ass. The game is pretty rough, I’m only on level 4 (I got Dead or Alive 4 so I stopped playing this game for a little bit). The enemies are pretty intelligent too, they’ll run around to make themselves harder to hit and take cover around objects to avoid your fire. I’m going to try and play this a little more this weekend. I’m sure once I get a better handle on the controls I’ll be able to kick some butt in this one.

Well thats it in a nutshell. For professional reviews on all this stuff, I recommend Gamespot, IGN, or Teamxbox. If I don’t blog a lot over the coming days, its because I’m having too much fun playing my games 🙂


3 thoughts on “Jason’s Xbox 360 Game Reviews

  1. Yeah I got a lot of games, and this should keep me occupied for a long time so I won’t have to buy a game for a long time I think

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