Sucky tech support

I have PSP video converter software and I can’t seem to get it to work right. I’ve been able to rip one successful movie but the others haven’t come out so hot so I contacted tech support for the software I bought (yes I acutally paid for it). I have come to the realization that I might actually know more about the software settings and what not than the tech people that are sending me emails.

I quote:
“Sometimes a wrong frame rate can cause sync problem. Please change another frame rate in “Input Settings” window.”

Now, I know what the frame rate is, I know where to select it and change it, but umm how about some stinking advice on what the actual frame rate should be genius?? That might be slightly helpful than telling me to waste my time fiddling with the frame rate value and just attempt burn after burn of the same frackin movie. Morons! If I managed that tech support department I’d fire everyone and start from scratch!

Monday night TV stinks

I was cruising through Yahoo TV listings for my cable carrier and there isn’t one thing that I want to watch tonight. Over 60 channels and not 1 thing I want to watch, thats total crap right there. I’m going to have to dig deep into the DVD collection and pull out something thats half way decent that I can stay awake to.

PSP Movies, sooo CLOSE!

This entire weekend I’ve been experimenting with ways to convert my DVD’s to PSP movies. About a month ago I bought software from Xilisoft to attempt to make the movies for PSP with limited success. I still have problems with the sound syncing with the movie itself and it doesn’t matter what I try using Xilisoft so far.

Last night I tried something new and I have to see if it worked later today since I let it run over night. I used DVD Decrypter to get the VOB file(took about half an hour), then I used something called Auto Gordian Knot to make the movie into an AVI file(this took about 2 hours). The movie and sound seemed to sync up so that was a good thing. I then used Xilisoft PSP Video Creator to take the AVI and make it into an MP4 file so I can view it on my PSP(I don’t know how long this took, I ran it over night and had Shutdown Monster set to turn off my PC at 2AM). I have to transfer it to the PSP later tonight when I get home. I’m hopeful that this worked because then I’m gonna rip a few more videos so I can see them on my trip to Hawaii.

The Shutdown Monster

As much as I like Windows XP, there is one thing that I hate and thats the shut down sequence. I have found that if you don’t close every application before you shut down, the thing just sorta hangs there and asks you a bunch of times to save your work or to shut something down before hand. NO MORE!!

I found this sweet program called Shutdown Monster that I’ve been using for the past month and I freakin love the thing. It has a bug or two when you want it to hide itself in the system tray but other than that, its pretty sweet. I can set it up to close everything down for me without all the save prompts and what have you, or I can set it on a timer or specify a time for my PC to shut off (very useful when ripping DVD’s to PSP). Now if they would only put that sort of function in Windows Vista…………..

TV sucks badly

It’s Thursday night and there is absolutely NOTHING to watch on basic cable. I have over 70 channels and not one of them is playing anything good. What they need to do is develop some classic 80 and 90’s cartoon channel so I can at least have the option of watching something like Silver Hawks, Duck Tales, Tiny Toons, or Animaniacs. Why should I be paying for CRAP on TV??? Humbug!! Not even Tivo can fix this………….