The Shutdown Monster

As much as I like Windows XP, there is one thing that I hate and thats the shut down sequence. I have found that if you don’t close every application before you shut down, the thing just sorta hangs there and asks you a bunch of times to save your work or to shut something down before hand. NO MORE!!

I found this sweet program called Shutdown Monster that I’ve been using for the past month and I freakin love the thing. It has a bug or two when you want it to hide itself in the system tray but other than that, its pretty sweet. I can set it up to close everything down for me without all the save prompts and what have you, or I can set it on a timer or specify a time for my PC to shut off (very useful when ripping DVD’s to PSP). Now if they would only put that sort of function in Windows Vista…………..


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