Hurricanes bring out the "DUH" in people

I recently read this article in the St Pete Times detailing how people in South Florida were getting mad because the government wasn’t fast enough giving free hand outs after Hurricane Wilma. According to the article, most of the people demanding the hand outs didn’t even prepare properly for the hurricane in the first place and now they’re blaming the government for not helping fast enough?? Thats a load of bullshit right there. If you know a hurricane is coming, you get yourself a shit load of supplies and fill up the gas tank of your cars a few days ahead of time. If that sucker is past a category 3 and you know its coming to hit you in the ass, you hop in your car and drive your ass FAR AWAY even if you have no place to stay, its better than being killed.

And I’m willing to bet that these same people that are getting these free supplies from the Feds are going to go ape shit when their taxes go up or something and then the’ll complain about that. Now if they thought ahead they would realize that by getting all these freebies from the government, we run up the deficit even more which translates into higher taxes for all, not just the poor idiots that didn’t prepare and are asking for hand outs. I can almost see Gov Bush contemplating an income tax to help pay for all the disaster relief and planning and I wouldn’t blame him one bit for doing it because all this aid costs tons of money. I’m lucky that no really big hurricanes have hit Western Florida yet but if I see one coming, my wife and my cats are heading to CT!


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