Welcome to Floriduh Hurricane Wilma!!

Hurricane Wilma actually came to Florida (South Florida though, I’m in West) so the most that I’m getting right now are a lot of tornado warnings, maybe some storm surge, and tropical storm force winds but other than that I’m pretty much OK. I get to stay home today since the office is closed but I do have to work from home while I’m here so that means I have to fire up my laptop and do some *snicker* work. My wife wasn’t as lucky though, her pea brained bosses had their employees come into work even though all the government offices are closed down, there’s no shipping leaving the city, and all the schools are closed. These people are just way too greedy. I would take great delight in watching their company burn up in smoke but I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon. I’m probably heading to work tomorrow but thats alright, at least I got today off 🙂


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