Leftovers for Lunch

Today I ate my lunch in 11 minutes. Not a record for me but thats still pretty fast considering I normally get an hour or so for lunch but I also eat at my desk so its a “working” lunch. Todays lunch was pretty good, it was left overs from dinner last night that my wife made for us. Chicken tenders with tabasco sauce and mashed potatos. The thing thats missing, which was included in last nights meal, was the corn on the cob. My wife makes corn on the cob SO GOOD! She adds the right amount of butter, salt, and pepper which makes it almost irresistable that I always end up wanting more but she limits us to one a piece. Topping off the lunch is my Arizona Ice tea with Raspberry flavor added. She brought me candy from her job but I forgot to pack it so no afternoon snack for me. Too bad, they were NERDS!! Now I just have to go through the rest of the day and then go home and relax and update my iPod with some new songs. *yawn*


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